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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Poster Presentation on "Inositide signalling in health and disease" at Bangalore

Date : 28 November - 2 December 2012
Venue : Orange County Resort. Coorg, INDIA
Organisers :
Raghu Padinjat, NCBS, Bangalore
Phillip Hawkins, Babraham, Cambridge
Gaiti Hasan, NCBS, Bangalore
John York, HHMI, Duke Univeristy
Application deadline :
  • Registration/Abstract submission: 15 August, 2012
  • Selection Announcement Date: 1 September, 2012
Brief description :
  • Signals based on phosphatidylinositol and its metabolites are central to cellular communication in eukaryotic cells.
  • They provide molecular control of of key sub-cellular processes and orchestrate fundamental cellular behaviours such as cell division, shape change, polarized movement and cell death.
  • This meeting will discuss recent discoveries in inositide signalling.
Confirmed speakers
  • Richard Anderson, Univ. of Wisconsin
  • Tamas Balla, NIH-Bethesda
  • Julie Brill, Hospital for Sickkids
  • Pete Cullen, Bristol University
  • Pietro De Camilli, Yale University
  • Antonella De Matteis, Telethon Institute, Naples
  • Nullin Divecha, PICR, Manchester
  • Scott Emr, Cornell University
  • Christophe Erneux, Bruselles University
  • Gaiti Hasan, NCBS
  • Phillip Hawkins, Babraham, Cambridge
  • Robin Irvine, Cambridge University
  • Jocelyn Laporte, IGBMC, Strasbourg
  • Raghu Padinjat, NCBS
  • Lucia Rameh, Boston Research Institute
  • Adolfo Siardi, University College London
  • Takehito Sasaki, Tokyo University
  • Carsten Schultz, EMBL Heidelburg
  • Roger Williams, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge
  • John York, Duke University
Registration fee :
The Registration fee for the meeting is :
USD 300 for participants applying from institutions outside India
INR 2500/- for participants applying from institutions within India
INR 5000/-for academia (Non-student participants)
INR 10,000/- for Corporate
Registration fee includes meeting kit, boarding and lodging.
Eligibility :
  • Applications are invited from participants who have an interest in inositide signaling regardless of the area of biology to which their work might be relevant.
  • A total of 40 applicants will be selected on competitive basis.
  • Selected participants will be notified by email and will be required to submit a registration fee by banker’s draft.
How to Apply :
  • All participants must submit a CV and an abstract of 250 words of their work online.
  • Abstracts must demonstrate the relevance of their work to inositide signaling or an interest in this area of science
  • Content of the abstract must be unpublished work.
Housing and Local Transport :
  • Boarding and lodging will be provided for selected participants.
  • It would be a shared accommodation.
  • All participants will assemble at NCBS, Bangalore and travel together by coach to Orange County Resort.
  • At the end of the meeting they will return by coach to Bangalore.
  • The NCBS meetings office will make the local arrangements including boarding and lodging at Bangalore prior to the start of and at the end of the meeting.
Poster presentation :
Selected applicants will be required to present a poster on their current research. A few abstracts will be picked for a short oral presentation. Poster specifications will be informed by email upon selection.
Travel :
Participants will be responsible for their own travel to Bangalore. Transport between the airport and NCBS will be arranged by the meeting organizers upon request.
Visa :
  • All foreign nationals traveling to India are required to possess a valid passport of their country and a valid Indian Visa issued by the Indian Embassy or Indian Consular office in their country.
  • Please apply for a “conference visa”.
  • Selected applicants will be supplied with an invitation letter and relevant approvals which must be submitted with the Visa Application form.
  • Visa authorization times are variable so it is best to apply at least 75 days in advance of your travel date.
  • Air tickets must be booked only after the visa is issued.
Contact :
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