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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The 12th International Nutrition and Diagnostics Conference 2012 at Czech Republic

THE 12
The mission of the INDC is to increase our understanding of the effects of common food on
long term health, performance, mental and physical fitness.
To achieve this goal, we need to gain insight into bioactive compounds in food, how they are
absorbed and metabolized in the body, taking into account the genetic and metabolic
uniqueness of individuals.
This requires very sensitive analytical methods to determine what we really eat. The same
instrumentation can be used to control quality and content of food and to analyze
metabolites and nutritional biomarkers.
We do not eat the same bread or drink the same beer that our grandparents did hundred
years ago. Agriculture and food technology have changed greatly and must be taken into
account to evaluate the effect of these technologies on the nutritional value of food and its
effect on human health.
We also have to consider the health effect of our life style; one of sitting in front of the
computer, in a car or on an airplane. Our body evolved to produce chemicals to help us to
survive but with an active lifestyle. The result is that, we now live in a new state of
physiological stress.
Meaningful food recommendations based on such understanding is limited. It is critical to
understand what to eat and how these foods are metabolized and what molecules are
produced in the human body as a reaction to stress.
It is the goal of INDC to bring together an understanding of the food we eat with the
analytical techniques needed to study them.
INDC2012 will be held at Carolinum, Charles University in Prague, August 27-30, 2012.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Prague.
AleŇ° Horna
Conference Chairman

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