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Saturday, April 28, 2012

48th International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry - France

This prestigious scientific meeting covers the major aspects of medicinal chemistry with particular emphasis on the importance of chemical biology in modern drug discovery.

The scientific programme, which will include over 20 plenary lectures by internationally well-known scientists, focuses on recent achievements in

- Target Selection and Validation for Drug Discovery
- Chemical Biology,
- Hit-to-lead: Identification, Selection, Development,
- Case-studies: from Bench to Bedside,
- Physico-Chemical Tools and Structural Studies,
- Synthetic Chemistry: New Frontiers Impacting Drug Discovery.

The scientific committee ensures the high quality and diversity of the scientific programme together with the accessibility of the meeting to MSc and PhD students. For the latter, an advantageous registration fee will be proposed. Moreover, a special career session will be organised with industrial and academic participants.

During the meeting the traditional prizes (P. Ehrlich Lecture Award and C. Mentzer Prize) of the ‘Société de Chimie Thérapeutique’ will be awarded to researchers or research teams for their outstanding contributions to medicinal chemistry.

In addition, a poster session will provide the opportunity for all participants to present their current results. A “best poster” prize will also be attributed.

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