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Thursday, May 17, 2012

IBC's Cell Line Development & Engineering conference

Recent Achievements Driven by the Application of Novel Approaches and Tools Have Caused Significant Savings in Time and Money During the Selection and Development of Cell Lines
IBC's Cell Line Development & Engineering conference will deliver the latest applications of automated tools, 'omics technologies, analytical methods and engineering strategies to help increase understanding and improve the stability, quality and manufacturability of your cell lines. You will hear the latest case studies and unpublished data from industry and academia and have the opportunity to collectively collaborate with your peers during strategic discussion groups and interactive roundtables to overcome your most pressing challenges and help your company:
  • Streamline the transition from discovery to development
  • Put the CHO genome to work to improve protein expression
  • Improve predictability in early development
  • Apply 'omics technologies and next generation sequencing to optimize development and understanding
  • Test safety of engineered cell lines using massively parallel sequencing
  • Develop cell lines and cell culture processes for biosimilars
  • Implement a targeted integration approach that greatly reduces development time and cost and increases throughput
  • Decrease levels of N-linked glycosylation to greatly increase biological activity
  • Adopt PAT to improve clone selection, process understanding and development
Plus! Interactive CHO Genome "Show and Tell" Workshop
  • Learn the next steps that should be taken
  • Hear case studies that walk you through the use of the web tools to see how it works
  • Get expert guidance and your questions answered on using the web tools to fully utilize the genome-scale data
June 06-08, 2012 · The Westin San Francisco Market Street · San Francisco, CA

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