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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Venoms 2012: Bioactive Compounds and Therapeutics

Venoms offer a substantial pool of bioactive compounds with therapeutic and pharmacological potential. The 1st Oxford World Symposium on Venoms, Venoms 2012, is aimed at providing an international platform to scientists from academia, industry and clinical settings to discuss and explore this huge reservoir of potential lead compounds for drug development. The conference will also discuss the development of anti-venoms vaccines and envenomation treatment strategies.

Venoms 2012 invites proposals for podium sessions in the general areas of:
• Isolation of bioactive lead compounds from venoms for drug development
• Anti-venom vaccines and therapeutics
• Envenomation treatment strategies
• Venoms in warfare
• Envenomation as a neglected tropical disease

Further details and to register