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Sunday, April 22, 2012

NSPBB 2012 India: National Seminar on Present Prospectives of BioActive Molecules and Biotechnology

National Seminar on Present Prospectives of BioActive Molecules and Biotechnology (NSPBB 2012)
30-31 May 2012
Organised by
Department of Microbiology
Andhra University, Visakhapatnam-03
Andhra Pradesh
The proposed two day national seminar with a platform or Bioactive molecules and emerging trends in Biotechnolgy, as there is a great deal of interest, hype associated with Biotechnology and its applications in various arenas of research over the years. Bioactive molecules are substances that have an effect on the cellular function of an organism or living tissue. They may be derived from natural (biologicat) resources or synthetic chemicals. Bioactive molecules from biological resources are a potential source of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. In another line of development, with the advent of biotechnology, the production of recombinant bioactive molecuLes has attracted a lot of interest. Such recombinant
molecules have great potential for commercialization as they are usefuL in diagnostic tools. The pool of researchers with diverse expertise and the active collaboration have enhanced the progress of bioactive molecular research.
The present research focuses on the mechanisms of action of the bioactive molecules using new approaches such as 'genomic' technologies and insilco modelling. Research in this area has received immense interest among researchers
and has shown encouraging progress.
Natural products
Structure and function of Biornolecules
Pharmacology & toxicoLogy
Molecular and cellular therapeutics
Fermentation technology
Computational Biology
Microbial technology

WHO CAN ATTEND Academicians, Scientists, Research Scholars, and PG Students from university, Research Institutes, Colleges, personnel from Research Institutions and related Industry can participate.