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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

International Conference on Recent Trends in Molecular Medicine Kerala India 2012

International Conference on  Recent Trends in Molecular Medicine (ICRMM’12)
23rd-24th February 2012
Organized by
Department of Biotechnology
Sree Buddha College of Engineering
ICRMM 2k12
Molecular medicine is an emerging discipline with a vast potential having its scope widened considerably over the years and it now interfaces with diverse disciplines like Genomics, Nano-biotechnology, Cancer Biology, Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering and so on. The Conference brings together distinguished experts with varying perspectives from industries and academia to explore the recent developments in the field of Molecular Medicine. The 2 day conference comprises of eminent personalities, paper presentations etc. This will be a unique opportunity to understand the current approaches in Molecular Medicine and discuss how these developments help in the future pharmaceutical innovations
Academicians, Research Scholars, Industrial delegates, Faculty members and P.G and U.G students of Science and Technology Departments from various countries are expected,and may apply for paper presentation.
Recent Trends in Molecular Medicine
Bio-materials and Tissue Engineering
Cancer Biology
    Research as well as technical papers on the above mentioned themes are invited
    ICRMM’12 Website