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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Workshop on "The 13th INDO-US Cytometry" at IIT Guwahati

During the last few years, a large number of Indian research institutes and universities have initiated programs on DNA analysis and our researchers are increasingly using sophisticated instruments (such as laser based flow cytometers and cell sorters) and procedures in their investigations. Laser flow cytometry has become an essential and integral part of investigations on genome analysis and in the field of nanotechnology. Approximately 700 flow cytometers are functional in different parts of the country and are increasingly being used for varied applications. However, training for use of these instruments and for quality control is lacking as the manufacturers train up to two operators at the time of instrument purchase. There are no organized courses or facilities for researcher to learn current approaches in flow cytometry.
  • This workshop attempts to address this deficiency by bringing together faculty from India and abroad with selected Indian researchers for teaching of latest flow cytometric methods and its application in the field of nanotechnology and genome analysis.
  • This workshop through lectures from podium, panel discussions and tutorials along with actual wet lab demonstrations will fulfill the need for technology transfer and teaching of latest methods in flow cytometry.
    By interfacing world known faculty from India and abroad in this workshop we seek to impart teaching in latest methods for quantification of nuclear DNA in actively dividing cells including cancer cells. Special emphasis will be put on new methods which identify ploidy level and studies concerning the role of C-value in growth and development.
    The workshop is organized by the Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India jointly with Miller School of Medicine, Maimi USA from 8-10 October 2012. The workshop is being held at IIT Guwahati. 
    Invited Speakers :
  •  Awtar Krishan, USA
  •  Alok Dhawan, India
  •  H. Krishnamurthy, India
  •  Padma Narayanan, USA
  •  Paresh Jain, India
  •  Sumeet Gujral, India
  •  Vincent Shankey, USA
  •  Vivek Tanavde, Singapore
How to Apply :
  1. Application along with bio-data should be sent to Co-ordinator (Email: before the deadline of 15th August 2012.
  2. Selected candidates will be informed by 30th August 2012.
  3. The selected candidates will pay registration fee as specified in the application form before 10th September 2012.
 Download Application Form (click here)
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