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Friday, July 13, 2012


14th & 15thSeptember 2012
Organised by
Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology
Faculty of Marine Sciences
Annamalai University
Parangipettai – 608 502, Tamil Nadu
About the Conference The Centre of Advanced Study (CAS) in Marine Biology is a reputed Marine Institute in India which is actively engaged in teaching, research and extension activities in Marine Sciences. In recent years, animal disease has emerged as one of the most important factors hindering the development of aquaculture world wide. Aquatic animal diseases have the potential to seriously impact aquatic animal health, international trade, and the economy of the country. Aquatic animal health is fundamental to the sustainability of a marine aquaculture industry and commercial fishery whilst simultaneously protecting the greater public interest. The health management of finfish, molluscs and crustaceans in an essential element of maintaining fisheries resources and biodiversity in India will be the highlighting discussions of this conference. The conference will provide a stimulating and inclusive form for exchange of current scientific information on research, management and policy issues related to health and diseases of aquatic animals, whether wild, farmed, or held on exhibit. This important national gathering will be used to facilitate discussion and action on issues of national importance. Key themes of the conference will include (i).Infectious diseases in aquaculture, (ii).Planning and emergency response for aquatic animal health emergencies, (iii). Interaction of diseases between wild and farmed stocks, and (iv).Outcomes of environmental stress including effects of contaminants, and regional and global habitat alteration.
It is hoped that the conference will facilitate active participation by individuals typically under-represented at national meetings, including colleagues and students from all over the nation.
clip_image002 Epidemiology
clip_image002 Microbial Diseases
clip_image002 Tumor
clip_image002 Diagnosis and Treatment
clip_image002 Defence mechanism in aquatic animals
clip_image002 Natural products from aquatic animals
clip_image002 Molecular Biology
clip_image002 Bioinformatics
Abstract Submission
Abstracts for oral/poster presentations are invited in MS Word File in the following format:
Title: 14 point bold, capitals and centred.
Author(s): Name and address in 12 point, normal, centred, followed by e-mail ID of the presenting author in 10point, normal and centred.  Name of presenting author should be underlined.
Text: 12 point, single space, normal and justified.
Abstracts should be typed in Times New Roman style font only and text of the abstract should not exceed 250 words. References and acknowledgements in the abstract must be avoided. Properly checked abstracts should be submitted to the conference e-mail ID: or
In addition, hard copy of the abstract should be submitted to the corresponding address (to the organising secretary) of the conference.  Student delegates (presenting authors) need to attach an authorization letter from research supervisor/head of the department with hard copies of abstract.  Poster presentation will be through posters not exceeding1 m ×1 m size.
LCD facility will be available for oral presentation.
Important Dates
Abstract Submission / Registration : 10th August, 2012
Full Paper Submission : 20th August 2012
Request for Accommodation : 15th August 2012