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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Drug Design 2012 at United Kingdom

DrugDesign 2012 - Oxford’s first structure-based drug design conference - will address the latest developments in computational and experimental approaches to ligand- and structure-based drug design. This conference is aimed at bringing together scientists from academia and industry to stimulate and step up the development of cutting-edge in silico and experimental drug design approaches. The conference invites podium and poster proposals in the following general areas of drug design:-

Molecular modelling and simulation
Novel drugable targets: Identification and selection
Fragment binding and selectivity
Structure-based inhibitor design
Ligand design and identification
Target-ligand interaction (including proteins and nucleic acids)
In silico and experimental screening technologies

Who Should Attend

Academia: Lab heads, postdoctoral researchers, graduate research students
Industry: Team leaders, junior researchers, research managers and decision makers

Further details and to register