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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

EuPA/ British Society for Proteome Research Proteomics Meeting

The EuPA 2012 Scientific Congress, hosted by the British Society for Proteome Research (BSPR) will be held in Glasgow, Scotland from Monday 9 - Thursday 12 July 2012. Outstanding conference facilities have been secured in the heart of Scotland’s largest city. The scientific programme will aim to reflect innovations and current developments in proteomic technologies, alongside new applications in areas such as systems biology, medicine and animal health.
Proteomics transcends the frontiers from molecules to systems and is at the interface of biology, chemistry and physics. The proteomics community is thriving and expanding as new challenges emerge and universities across the UK are embracing these opportunities through interdisciplinary initiatives. The BSPR is a key driver in many innovative proteomics programmes, at both national and international levels, and the EuPA 2012 Scientific Congress will incorporate a scientific programme that reflects current developments and applications in proteomics.
The host city, Glasgow, is home to several universities that are active in proteomic research and collaboration between universities in Glasgow and across Scotland exemplifies the cooperative spirit that is so important in this research area. Glasgow is a large, vibrant city on the stunning West Coast of Scotland, with excellent international transport connections. The EuPA 2012 Scientific Congress in Glasgow will provide an ideal forum for discussion of proteomic research.
Early bird registration deadline - 18 May 2012

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